MSI VALORANT Invitational


With a turnaround of 4 weeks, Battlefy sought a third party to deliver white label services for the MSI Invitational.

RNDR quickly put together a proposal that would achieve the following objectives of the project:

  • Provide a professional production that matches their previous MSI events or exceeds expectations.
  • Source and hire talent of a tier 1 level.
  • Create supplementary content that helps guide the narrative of the production.
RNDR's Delivery:
  • Production was completed without a hitch. With a better and improved broadcast package; adding more dynamic screens and brackets for viewers. Instant replays was also introduced into our production, allowing talent to dive deeper into VALORANT gameplay on display.
  • Providing top tier casting duo Stoax & Blu for the production, they are both skilled and known for R6 Majors and Invitationals, with this being one of their big debuts in the VALORANT scene.
  • Our creative house HueHut provided Art Direction and designed an introductory hype video for production whilst building hype, theme and overall theme of the event.
My responsibilites:
  • Create a visual style for the event, following the MSI Invitational's brand
  • Create all the assets for the broadcast, such as the casters scren, in-game scoreboards, rosters, transitions and many more
  • Ensure all the assets were working correctly with RNDR's dynamic broadcast tools, to make sure the producers could edit all the information needed while the broadcast was running
  • Supervise the art direction for the content portion of the event