Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet


Created a broadcast-ready package for the NA and EU Contenders Gauntlet tournament, based on the assets sent by the Blizzard's graphics team.

With only a 6-week window for preparations, Activision-Blizzard's Overwatch Esports division was looking to source a 3rd-party Production company to quickly mobilize in order to run and broadcast their premier year-end T2 Overwatch Tournament: Contenders Gauntlet. Elo Hell Esports was selected for our ability to scale our regional teams to match our clients' needs, communicate & work both efficiently and asynchronously, and produce content on a large scale within very limited time constraints.


For broadcast, we received most of the assets from Blizzard, but I had to prepare them all for broadcast, such as casters screens, rosters, brackets, in-game scoreboard and many more. Everything had to be dynamic, meaning all the information in the assets should be able to be edited by the producers in real time while the broadcast was running.


I was responsible for supervising the art direction for the intermission content of the event. We had another graphic designer working on those, and I was responsible for making sure everything followed a consistent brand, and was up to our quality levels.

The whole broadcast can be seen on the Overwatch Contenders' YouTube Channel


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