10 Oct 2014

Time Lapse de Processo de animação

Olá pessoal!

Hoje trago aqui um processo simples de animação de um Walk Cycle, de um mascote que desenvolvi há um tempinho. Espero que gostem!

Hello everybody!

Today is time to show the process of an walk cycle animation of a simple character that I developed some time ago. Hope you enjoy!

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5 Oct 2014

Dog Rigging Breakdown

I made this rig about a year ago, for a Christmas TV commercial.

In this video, I’m showing some of its features, like squash and stretch, IK and FK, facial expressions, tail rig, tongue rig, and so on.

Click Play and watch! Hope you like it!

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4 Oct 2014
Final render of the Cartoon Airplane

Free Cartoon Airplane 3D Model

I recently made this 3D model to improve modelling, texturing, illumination and 3D rendering.

I’m making it free for download, so everyone can use it, for personal and commercial uses. The only thing I ask is to send me an email showing me where you used it (I’d love to see it. Really).

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